Financing and Competitiveness

Seven years ago, the SMEs Financing and Competitiveness Department (Departamento de Financiamiento y Competitividad Pyme) began working non-stop together with all the sectors and offices that are part of CAME, with the support of the General Office of the entity.

Our goal is to provide technical consulting services and support for entities, SMEs, and entrepreneurs all across the country. These services are related to access to financing, and assistance and training tools and programs that may facilitate the fulfillment of entities, SMEs, and entrepreneurs’ projects and the growth of their enterprises.

To accomplish this, our Department works hand to hand with several institutions such as the Ministry of Production and Labor (Ministerio de Producción y Trabajo), public and private banks, mutual guarantee associations (MGA) that provide sureties and guarantees, and organizations related to the economic activity, to technical assistance or consulting organizations, among others.

This consultancy service is for CAME Network’s (Red CAME) partners. During 2018, we advised more than 70 business associated entities, and received more than 2200 inquiries and 587 investment projects from entrepreneurs and SMEs that were advised by our technical team.