The Confederation protects the SME sector all across the country through its associated chambers, unions, centers, and federations. The Presidential Committee (Comité de Presidencia), the Federal Council (Consejo Federal), and the Regional Vice presidencies (Vicepresidencias Regionales) represent all Argentine provinces.

Domestic Market

The entity’s main goal is to defend the domestic market in every possible way. The domestic economy, based on a productivity-based model, and the continuous effort at generating the best competitive conditions possible are unwavering banners for CAME.

Job Creation

SMEs are the guiding force for the creation of genuine employment all across the country. All tools available to promote job creation and the management of all areas in order to support local businesspeople take part of the daily actions of the Confederation.

Domestic Industry

The development of a strong domestic production, both for the domestic and the foreign market, constitutes an essential link for the economic growth of our country. The Confederation claims that it is the State’s duty to promote and protect this sector.